I'm an Interactive Developer, Game Developer and Technical Director.

I'm currently working with games as a Tech Director at North Kingdom. I have previously worked at the Creative Lab at Google, at Electronic Arts (DICE), Goodbye Kansas and DinahMoe. I also spent a year consulting at the Swedish Transport Administration, for good measure.

I have extensive experience in interactive, games and tech direction. I've worked with motion capture, adaptive music and audio, VR/AR, photogrammetry, voice controlled applications, machine learning, non-linear video, online jamming, 2D & 3D games and creative concept & writing. And classical frontend development, of course.

I consider myself tech agnostic and have worked with a wide range of tech stacks, including web, mobile, game engines, python production pipelines and corporate C# environments.

In doing so, I've won a bunch of awards, including 7 Adobe Cutting Edge Award, 5 FWA Site of Month, 42 FWA Site/Mobile of the Day, a Red Dot Award, Cannes Lions and Awwwards of different pedigrees. I also got to present my work at Google I/O ( video proof ).

Client Namedrop

Adidas, AMC, Avalanche Studios, Beck, Chiller TV, Electronic Arts, Disney, Google, HBO, LEGO, MachineGames, Nespresso, Netflix, Nike, Infiniti, Robyn, Ray Ban, Sony, Starz, SuperCell, Toyota, Vodafone and Warner Bros.

Quick Facts

  1. I've had my work on display next to Edvard Munch's.
  2. I've visited the Great Hall of Winterfell and stood upon the walls of Riverrun.
  3. I've had an interactive networked app hit the frontpage on imgur and served all that incoming traffic on a 512mb VPS. And failed miserably.
  4. I was Tech Lead on my first Google project at 23 years old. Software engineering is weird.
  5. I wrote my first webpage in 1996. It clearly stated that my brother and I owned a Super Nintendo and that I used Altavista. And GIF's. Lots of GIF's.
  6. I spent my formative years thinking I'd conquer the world with music and grew up in rehersal rooms and recording studios.
  7. Yet, my greatest joy and pride are, and always will be, my two kick-ass daughters.