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Hello. It's , so I'm sure you're super busy. Let's start with 8 quick facts!

  1. I've had my work on display next to Edvard Munch's.
  2. I've visited the Great Hall of Winterfell and stood upon the walls of Riverrun.
  3. I've had an interactive networked app hit the frontpage on imgur and served all that incoming traffic on a 512mb VPS. And failed miserably.
  4. I was Tech Lead on my first project with Google as the client at 23 years old. Software engineering is weird.
  5. I can't speak emoji. At all.
  6. I wrote my first webpage in 1996. It clearly stated that my brother and I owned a Super Nintendo (Super Famicom), that I used Altavista, and not much else. Oh. And animated gif's.
  7. I spent my formative years thinking I'd conquer the world with music. Silverpennies
  8. Yet, my greatest joy and pride are, and always will be, my two kick-ass daughters.

With that out of the way; I'm currently working as Technical Director at Goodbye Kansas' motion capture studio, serving AAA game studios and the entertainment industry.

I equally enjoy people and writing code. I consider myself tech agnostic and have worked with a wide range of tech stacks, though I tend to go with full stack JavaScript or Unity for my private projects.

I have previously worked as Technical Director and Interactive Developer at North Kingdom and DinahMoe, working with some of the biggest brands in the world. I also spent a year consulting at the Swedish Transport Administration, for good measure.

It was great that you stopped by! Please feel free to reach out to talk shop.